Hi, I'm Ben.
I'm a visual designer and illustrator living in beautiful Palmer, Alaska.
I specialize in digital design, illustration and email campaigns.
I’ve been pixel placing, masking and type setting as a visual designer for 15 years now. The last 4 years I've been working exclusively for Xbox.com on a broad range of projects ranging from hardware pages to game emails to cultural moment illustrations. I’m a cheerful and passionate designer who harnesses imagination and research to develop unique and thoughtful designs that make people feel, laugh and connect.
The need to experience new things, explore new places and walk different paths motivated me to leave my midwest roots and journey toward new adventures. I'm always up going the extra mile and getting into something new and exciting. I believe in working hard, but making sure to have fun while doing it. 
I’m a huge fan of exciting new projects and would love to hear about yours - preferably over a nice, cold IPA or a hot plate of chicken and waffles. But an email works, too. 
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