I've been working on Xbox Design Lab projects since almost the beginning of my employment with Ten Gun. For a few years now, Xbox has been really committed to cranking out new and exciting colorways and options for both the Standard and Elite controllers. Below are a few notable XDL creations that were received well and really hit on their game's IP.

One of my more notable projects with XDL was the custom Redfall suite of controllers. A new PMP, promotional and social assets and light cinemagraphs all needed created, as well as a new keyart that merged the main art with the branded controllers. We went big with the PMP, designing a huge, custom character rotator that spoke immediately to the game characters and their specific controller. I also supersized the product renders for the features section to give users that in-your-face detail. This was a fun project with a lot of moving parts that came together for a successful launch.

With the new Fallout TV show fast approaching, Xbox requested we support their new Fallout themed controller options for Design Lab. With no real Vis ID, I took what general Fallout assets we had and created something on brand for them. I know the series very well and knew I needed to lean into Vault Boy and the retro aesthetic as much as possible. This was also a wide reaching project with promo assets, a custom PMP and more to get the word out.
XDL - Inspired By Features

The Inspired By feature is a section on the XDL homepage dedicated to new or updated games and a custom controller, to represent it. 
I've created handfuls of these promo spots over the years, here are a few of my favorite.
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